Postmodernist Creed

“One of the central tenets of the postmodernist creed is that the impersonal stereotypes of the media have saturated personal behavior, that the anonymous, corporate ‘they’ reaches out to touch the most intimate ‘you.’ The case has been overstated by those critics who stake the originality and authenticity of their theories on the claim thatContinue reading “Postmodernist Creed”

Madness & Human Rights

About:  A podcast by The Open Society Foundation. “The Open Society Public Health Program hosts an evening event with John Trainor in honor of his years of service on the Public Health Program Advisory Board. The event features a presentation by John Trainor on his work examining how society reacts to the phenomenon of mentalContinue reading “Madness & Human Rights”

Anthropometric Laboratory

About Galton’s first Anthropometric Laboratory situated in a corner of the International Health Exhibition in Kensington, London. 1884–1885 × Dismiss alert Fact History Book More Fact In 1888, a reporter from the Pall Mall Gazette paid a visit to Galton’s Anthropometric Laboratory in London, where instruments developed by Galton measured the physical and mental characteristicsContinue reading “Anthropometric Laboratory”