Spaceship Earth

1974 “Spaceship Earth,” as it has been aptly termed, consists of about 70% water at its surface. This all-important resource–water–moves eternally and dynamically through changes of state from gas to liquid to solid and back again, permeating to great depths and rising to stratospheric heights. Everywhere it goes, water sustains and nurtures life. Those ofContinue reading “Spaceship Earth”


Doc. 126 (Rev.1), Recommendation 10, entitled “Determination of local acceleration of gravity” was issued. This was necessary as a basis for establishing gravity corrections for mercurial barometers. Doc 128. (Rev.1), Recommendation 11 was prepared to invite attention of the Commission for Climatology to the effect of the change in gravity systems on barometric records. WorldContinue reading “Gravity”

101: Death of David Rockerfeller, Economics & Poverty

David Rockerfeller, the father of modern economics and consumer society (also known in the underground community as “the king of the New World Order”), expired on Monday 20/03/2017 whilst he slept, aged 101, as a result of congestive heart failure. There are two sides to every coin, and Mr. Rockerfeller was no exception. When itContinue reading “101: Death of David Rockerfeller, Economics & Poverty”