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Corruption & Nazism at the Open University in the UK

From 2019-2022 I studied forensic psychology with the Open University, and during my time there I experienced a series of attacks and attitudinal obstacles which added great tribulation to my already vulnerable life.

Nazi IBM

As someone diagnosed with mental health problems, I knew that studying an academic degree was not going to be easy; however, I never expected to experience the levels of fascism and even nazism emerging from the staff. Nazism? you may be asking, but that is exactly what they promoted through their curriculum.

As someone who comes from a lineage of holocaust survivors, I felt in incredible pain when the university told me I had no choice but to get on with using (like everyone else) the IBM SPSS software. I explained to them that the company IBM was directly involved in the orchestration of the Jewish, European holocaust. Instead of responding empathically, a tutor critically said that my behaviour was ’emotional’ as if such was a negative human trait. It was and continues to be my impression that being callous and unemotional was the true social problem, not my behaviour.

I asked them to please allow me to use Jamovi, a Linux-based alternative software which did all the work the IBM SPSS software did. They were extremely and oddly fixated on the brand IBM, more so than about the social repercussions the situation had on me. They decided to become authoritarian and banned me from the student forums; and eventually they refused to educate me or to allow me to finish my degree with them.

Needless to say, I was shattered, and to this day I am still recovering from the Nazi traumas they imprinted on my soul forever. All I wanted was to become a forensic psychologist. Nevertheless, they were nazi, cruel, and callous in every single one of their decision-making processes; ultimately leaving a Jew in limbo and consciously breaching a vulnerable individual’s human right to education in the process without any empathy or remorse. Perhaps that’s how they teach their students about psychopathy; that is, by becoming themselves the destructive force which ruins lives.


Recommended News Sources Around the World

Sometimes finding sources can be burdensome, and having a diversity of sources is always helpful. Hence why I have made this list of resources which can be used according to one’s geopolitical needs when it comes to finding reliable information. This is a compilation of the recommended news channels around the world, and is all categorised by country in alphabetical order. While not all countries are listed, the list might expand as time goes.

Digital man
(in alphabetical order) COUNTRYNEWS OUTLETS
JAPANYomiuri Shimbun / The Asahi Shimbun / The Nihon Keizai Shimbun
POLANDGazeta Wyborcza / Rzeczpospolita / Dziennik Gazeta Prawna / Gazeta Polska Codziennie
PORTUGALCorreio da Manha / PÚBLICO / Diário de Notícias / Jornal de Notícias
PUERTO RICOEl Nuevo Dia / Primera Hora / El Vocero de Puerto Rico 

Royal Feminism: A Fashion Story

Until very recently, we lived in a Queendom ruled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on 8th September, 2022. Her government has been inherited by her son, King Charles III. One of the aspects we shall miss the most is having a Royal female head of government; nevertheless, now we literally live in a Kingdom.

The Royal Family are very popular around the globe. Princess Anne of the United Kingdom stands out for her presence and fashion. She is a true icon when it comes to combining royal elegance and feminism through fashion. With her bold blazers and statement accessories, she has shown that being a feminist does not mean sacrificing style.

Princess Anne at the Coronation of King Charles III.

Princess Anne understands that fashion can be used as a tool to empower women. Her choice of clothing is often a reflection of her strong personality, and she is unapologetic about standing out in a sea of traditional attire. Her fashion choices include sleek suits, vibrant colors, and modern accessories. She has also been known to recycle outfits, showing that sustainable fashion can also be chic. Princess Anne is an advocate for sustainability and is often seen walking or cycling to events.

As we navigate through this new era of royal government, it is essential to look to figures like Princess Anne for inspiration. She has redefined what it means to be a royal feminist through fashion and continues to use her platform to champion women’s rights.

A SWFTA project.

Police Brutality in England

Writing about police brutality in Plymouth, England is contentious and it is a task that brings many risks; however, I conclude that no amount of risk is greater than when we all stay silent about the realities the system puts us through even when we are fully innocent.

In reality, I am scared of many things, and unfortunately, freedom of expression is dangerous in the UK where people are relentlessly censored and surveilled by the state; however, I feel that staying silent is the same as expressing; that is, you also get injustice and get picked by the system either way when you are an immigrant.

It breaks me, to know that I AM NOT SAFE in England. To know that the people whose job is to ‘protect’ me, are the same perpetrators of one of the biggest injustices I’ve been put through in my life. I feel at risk of being a victim of crime now, because I have grown to fear rather than to respect the local police forces. It is a shame for them to be like this.

So I decided to publish the evidence, and if they (the Devon & Cornwall Police) brutalise me again… Well, I guess it was predisposed to happen as usual. Yet, the truly scary realisation is to know that I was fully innocent as a person with mental disabilities that have resulted from oppression. Therefore, what they keep doing, and what took place should have NEVER happened in the first place.

This is the report I sent to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC):

I was placed in a sexually degrading position, and also a position which is called “the scorpion” due to how when the person is facing the ground and her legs are bent upwards and backwards crossed, it looks like an scorpion. This torture position has been used in foreign jurisdictions to deal with genocidal cases of serial killers. I believe both positions were unnecessary, and were quite more difficult to accomplish than any other way to use direct force against a female, Islamic/ Muslim, Colombian body. My fragile body diagnosed with lifelong weakening conditions was in no way a threat, and there is no justification in this universe to explain why such positions were used on me. Whilst the gestapo officers continued to be present inside the cell where they tortured me in front of CCTV cameras by placing me in such positions (I even asked an officer whether they had ever raped someone in the first position, and that is when he switched it to the scorpion position which is humiliating too, but perhaps less sexually threatening). I instantly became extremely scared and such brutality exacerbated my (now diagnosed) acute psychotic disorder and I attempted to immediately kill myself my smashing my forehead against the concrete cell’s floor. I don’t recall much from here due to trauma.

I have recollections of how two police officers where standing in the cell’s door and non-sarcastically saying out loud: “OH YEAH, I AM REALLY ENJOYING THIS”, to which the other police officer added “IT’S YOUR HEAD, WE DON’T CARE”. There was more callous and cruel commentary of this kind happening as I was running from one side of the wall to the other with speed and force to smash my head until blood started spurting and tainting the walls and floor in red in front of these two bystander officers who expressed schadenfreude and gratification to be present with me there, whilst I killed myself. I almost succeeded, but I think I must have lost consciousness because I don’t remember much after this horrible scene of police cruelty. By the time I arrived at the PICU (psychiatric intensive care unit), I looked like a Panda and everyone noticed the state the police put me in, and how close I was to succeeding in committing suicide as a result of the impact that the sexually and humiliating positions had on me at the time. I was sent to Chester Ward at the The Priory Hospital Middleton St. George, and they instantly took pictures of the police’s ‘artwork’ with my face and life, and filed a safeguarding referral due to how neglected, abused, and brutalised I was at the police station.

Journalism Theology

What Does the QUR’AN teach?

Last month, I had the opportunity to borrow a translation of the QUR’AN by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem and published by Oxford World Classics. Out of all the translations I’ve reviewed so far, this is my favourite. And I have just pingbacked them to inform them of my views. The pingback is no coincidence, my dear fervent, and devoted reader.

Introducing my new research interest in theology:

Some of the values promoted in the QUR’AN are somewhat alike to those taught in other holy books. Similarly to the TORAH and the GOSPEL, the QUR’AN (2:84-86) is against murder, and furthermore, it is against geopolitical displacement.

During the following months, we shall be exploring more of this holy book in this blog along with some of the history of ISLAM. For example, the verses portrayed in QUR’AN (2:8-20) are in my opinion, verses that bring hope to those currently struggling and/or suffering.

Some of the verses in the QUR’AN (2: 75-82) are very thought provoking. Furthermore, the QUR’AN (2: 78) states: “Some of them are uneducated […] They rely on guesswork”.

The above statements makes me want to be INCLUDED in the good heavens because, oh man, is Allah not furious enough to hit them up Netanyahu style? And here I am… Betshy… לא ישנה בלילה… dreaming of a better world Matisyahu style.

I believe that both the TORAH and QUR’AN are in my blood. I feel constantly divided as I am a woman who is legally Islamic. Yes, I legally converted to ISLAM on the 26th August, 2008 whilst I was visiting Suleymaniyah, Iraq. It is no delusion that I am a terrible Muslim who went astray and did not do her research, as some of my best friends in Pakistan have smart-ass-smartly remarked. Yes, I am an ISMAELITE.

It is also no delusion that I am Jewish, and Israel is in my genes, heritage and survival accounts of my European great-grand-parents which officially are welcomed in Israel as it is the custom since it became a state post World War II. So pardon my Hebrew, when I say that I have been dancing non-stop to my geo-political, current environment. Yes, I am an ISRAELITE.

Human Rights Journalism

Finally! A More Organised Mind and Environment

The past seven years were tough. My mental health saw the worst of its manifestations, my studies of forensic psychology came to an abrupt halt; and I had the worst, prolonged experience of my life. It was so brutal that it met the criteria for torture (as internationally defined), and since then, I have been coping with the psychological symptoms of PTSD in relation to the documented torture.

Thank you so much for reading this blog.

Betshy Paola Sanchez Marrugo

If it was not because of all the support you give to my freedom of expression, I would not be able to do this.

A lot has happened, and it would be an unwise idea to overwhelm you- my reader- with everything in one page. Hell, I think that not even one single book could adequately narrate everything I have experienced. It would for sure need a series of books to somewhat tell the details of what the system is capable of doing to an innocent human being.

Now, if you are here reading this, and have any doubts about my innocence; it’s okay, you don’t know me, and everything you know about me is what other sources have told you or what I have shown you. So before this re-introduction of my capacity to express my human rights becomes too long; let’s begin by focusing on the topic of mental health and the environment.

One pill after another seems to be the immediate objectives handed to me by the mental health professionals. I also choose to work on tidying up and clearing my environment so I can feel more inner peace. I don’t like relying on people, because too many people have let me down. Instead, I focus on being present with my self, my thoughts, and my maladies. I pay attention to my environmental variables, and acutely understand how different stressors have been fatal.

Fundamental attribution error

Nobody was there for me when I needed a friend the most. My environment, however, has saved my life on countless occasions as I continue to make it an artistic expression of my health. This means I have to take it slow, and concentrate on simple, small, petty tasks which are no effort for the great majority. I realise that when my environment is organised, so is my mind. Therefore, writing becomes blockless, effortless and such a successful activity reinforces the power of the environment in which something is written.

So really, thanks for being here, and thanks for coming back to check new content.


What is the Kremlin’s Biggest Concern?

Недовer репутального способа репутализации

Vladimir Putin Kremlin
An AI-generated picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is a question that has been on many people’s minds in recent years, as tensions continue to simmer between Russia and the rest of the world. From accusations of election interference to military interventions in Syria, the Kremlin has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

So what is it that worries Mr. Putin the most? There are plenty of possibilities to choose from, but one issue that stands out above the rest is the current state of Russia’s economy.

The economy has been a source of concern for the Kremlin for some time now. Despite the country’s vast natural resources, the Russian economy has struggled to achieve consistent growth in recent years. Sanctions imposed by Western countries in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine have only made matters worse, exacerbating the country’s economic woes and limiting its ability to trade with the rest of the world.

«Недоверие к репутационной форме репутации в международных отношениях, территориальных силах и т. д.».

An AI generated portrait of Putin.

This has put pressure on the Kremlin to take action to address the situation. President Putin has implemented a number of economic reforms in recent years, including efforts to diversify the economy away from its heavy reliance on oil and gas. However, progress has been slow, and many analysts continue to express scepticism about the government’s ability to turn things around.

So why is the economy such a big concern for the Kremlin? Put simply, it’s because a weak economy can threaten the government’s grip on power. If people are struggling to make ends meet, they are more likely to become angry and disillusioned with the government. It could also make it harder for the Russian government to maintain its military and strategic programs, which are key to its international power and influence.

Недовer репутального способа репутализации мудрости

World War III?

Остерегайтесь репутационной формы мудрости. По существу, репутационная репутация является простейшей формой. Это самый сложный способ репутировать самые известные темы. Это самое хрупкое средство от самых авторитетных субъектов, самое разборное и сложное средство репутации самых авторитетных субъектов.

Another huge concern Putin might currently be experiencing is undoubtedly the ongoing protests in Russia. Despite a surge in popularity during the early days of the pandemic due to his swift action, Putin’s handling of recent events has caused his approval rating to plummet to its lowest level in years. The protests were sparked by the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, but have grown to encompass a wide range of issues, including corruption, censorship, and economic inequality. Putin has responded with a crackdown, arresting thousands of protesters and passing sweeping new laws that make it even harder for Russians to voice dissent. But it remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to keep the protests at bay, or if Putin will be forced to make more significant concessions in order to maintain his grip on power. Regardless, the current situation is undoubtedly causing sleepless nights for the Kremlin.

Недовer репутального способа репутализации миграции.

The Kremlin is considered to be one of the largest and most powerful empires in the world. It has been responsible for many important roles in Russian history, including government, society, and the economy. The Kremlin has been accused of many wrong decisions and failures, which have led to human rights abuses and other problems in Russia.

In conclusion, the Kremlin’s biggest concern is likely its economy. If the country is going to remain a major player on the international stage, it will need to find a way to boost its economic performance and overcome the challenges it currently faces. Whether the government is up to the task remains to be seen.


Il Ocultismo della England: I

Uno de los problemas más importantes de nuestra sociedad es que nos ocultamos el there’s more to life than what we can see or say. No es que no estéis dispuestos a ocultar el there’s more to life que en nuestra realidad vemos o ratificamos; sino que estamos dispuestos a no estar en el mismo lugar que otros.

Il Ocultismo del Reino della ‘Misericordia

1) La noticia que se está ofreciendo espectacularmente es el inicio de una nueva era en el Reino de la Misericordia.

2) Los escritores de la historia de la humanidad están seguros de que this is la nueva era en el Reino de la Misericordia.

3) La Misericordia es el Reino que se está ofreciendo a los humanos. La noticia está hecha.

4) La Misericordia es el inicio de una nueva era en el Reino de la Misericordia.


    Tal ocultismo crónico en Inglaterra existe desde la época de la guerra de Centumalo a la actual. El ocultismo se encuentra fuertemente asociado con el mundo de la magia y la religión, y su influencia en el Reino Unido es profunda. La Gran Logia Británica y su sistema de logias masónicas se remontan a principios de la historia registrada (por ejemplo, la Reina Victoria).

    Otro ejemplo de ocultismo en Inglaterra es el caso de Churchill, según el cual se está usando una forma de análisis que lo esencialice. Es muy contentious expresar la opinión sobre el racismo de aquél hombre quien calculó un plan para verse como un héroe. Tal opinion está beyond the scope de este artículo.

    Mejor no mencionar más sobre este tema por ahora ya que es muy sensitive.

    Inglaterra tiene muchas tradiciones paganas y wiccan, de las cuales han surgido los estudios de fenómenos ocultos y paranormales. Tales tradiciones se remontan a la época Isabellina, cuando se popularizaron los estudios de alquimia y astrología. Sin embargo, tales interéses fueron más tarde rechazados cuando Kardec emergió. Es obvio que este hombre no es aceptado en la cultura Inglesa.

    Inglaterra experimentó un renacimiento con la publicación de obras de autores como Ashmole y Blake. Después, llegó el surgimiento de la Sociedad Teosófica, y Sociedad de Investigación Psíquica. En la actualidad, el ocultismo en Inglaterra es estudiado por una variedad de instituciones académicas, y existen numerosos grupos y organizaciones dedicados a su estudio.

    Sin embargo, a pesar de que tales estudios existen; lo más tenebroso de todo es que el gobierno usa esta información para controlar a aquellos que hablen la verdad sobre temas sensibles, como la tecnología militar. Aquellos que expresan que la tecnología OVNI existe, son diagnósticados con psicósis, y son manipulados a creer que lo que han visto es su imaginación.


    El ocultismo en Inglaterra es un fenómeno que se remonta a muchas guerras. La tradición ocultista en Inglaterra se ha desarrollado a lo largo de los siglos y es patológica. Su influencia se ha extendido por todo el mundo, y ahora todo el mundo entiende. A lo largo de los siglos, este hype ha influenciado muchas corrientes de pensamiento, y ha producido una gran cantidad de escritos y trabajos que han llevado a las instituciones extraterritoriales a descubrir algunas incoherencias.


Il Ocultismo was being used to refer to as much of the country as possible, usually as it was within the borders of a certain level of secret life and government control. Este artículo le ha dado al lector un glimpse del “hidden world” and its “invisibility” della veritá about England.


They Killed Them: DNR Orders

There is blood in the state’s hands.
This is a research digest written two years ago in 2021.


National Insecurity & Corruption in the UK

مقدمة : Introduction

Domestic corruption is a term used to describe the process of the infiltration of government officials and companies into the financial system through illegal, unethical, and/or harmful methods. The process of corruption can be traced back to the early years of the British Empire where it was easy for wealthy British individuals and groups to bribe officials and players in the Empire with the low cost of education and labour and so on.

It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that the process of bribery started to become more organized and the British government began to through laws and policies that made it easier for individuals to bribe officials. For example, the early Empire did not have any laws that made it easy for individuals to bribe officials, instead it was left to the individual or group’s own greed that made this easy. Nowadays, even poor immigrants continue to be bribed into a mental prison and a low quality of life.

Throughout the years, there have been more significant changes that have made corruption more difficult to prevent. For example, the number of variables that must be considered in any action, interaction, and transaction; has increased significantly over the years. This has made it more difficult for individuals and groups to avoid being caught if they were caught.

Betshy Paola Sanchez Marrugo
Anonymous systems and hackers.

ابنته : The Daughter

The corruption of the United Kingdom is often hidden or disguised. For example, the government may use secret, sophisticated methods to get away with illegal activity, extrajudicial harassment, and denial of justice to disenfranchised or marginalised out-groups.

The media may be used to print lies in order to manipulate the world about what is happening. Propaganda is often streamed which attempts to set a version of history in relation to current events (e.g. Ukraine vs. Russia war). Nevertheless, all empires sooner or later face competition. Nowadays, many of the injustices that were covered up, are now documented extra-terrestrially, as well as internationally and in the global digital cloud.

It has been established that the United Kingdom, known for its long history of stable governance, is now struggling to cope with the overwhelming insecurity and corruption present in its society. The principle of checks and balances, which should be an immutable part of the United Kingdom’s governance, appears to be missing. This failure of due diligence has led to mismanagement, waste, and the rule of a particular clique.

Betshy Paola Sanchez Marrugo
Intel Operation.


The Corruption of the United Kingdom is a report on the political and economic systems. The report finds that the United Kingdom’s political and economic systems have been corrupted by public officials who have taken advantage of their power and have done what is possible to influence the United Kingdom’s political landscape. The report also finds that the systems are not working to protect public officials and that there is a need for a new system of government that takes into account the different opinions of the public.


La Lógica del ELN en Colombia: Parte 1

The National Liberation Army is a difficult to accept perceived ‘outgroup’ because they are classed by general Colombian society as a terrorist group.

El camino parapsicológico del ELN.

🔥 El desarrollo de las negociaciones de paz entre el gobierno de Juan Manuel Santos y el Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) fue acompañado por una fuerte discusión entre los sectores que apoyan y los que cuestionan esta iniciativa.

En el 2017, el gobierno y el ELN estuvieron en dialogo. Este documento propone una “convivencia” de los sectores populares y una “participación” de los pueblos en la construcción de la paz. Según su texto, “convivencia” es entendida como una relación de equidad, solidaridad, fraternidad, igualdad y respeto entre los pueblos”, mientras que la “participación” significa tomar parte activa en el proceso de construcción de la paz, a través de la revolución popular.

Parapsychological fossils.

Parte de las críticas al proceso se relacionan con la presencia de sectores que no reconocen la legalidad de las negociaciones, como el movimiento ainadino, que ha ejercido una fuerte influencia sobre el proceso de paz. Ainadino es el nombre que se le otorga al movimiento social y comunitario que trabaja bajo la inspiración del fundador del ELN, el sacerdote C. Torres, asesinado en 1966, y que se caracteriza por su oposición a las negociaciones, su rechazo a los procesos electorales y su promoción de la insurrección armada. Algunos de sus representantes han estado involucrados en el proceso de negociación con el ELN. Los ainadinos han también participado en la elaboración de un acuerdo de convivencia y participación de los pueblos, a través de una asamblea donde participaron representantes de las organizaciones que integran la Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Norte del Cauca (ACIN), la Asociación de Cabildos Wayuu del Guajira, la Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Resguardo Guardia Vieja del municipio de Toribío, en el departamento de Cauca, y representantes de la Comisión de Víctimas del Conflicto Armado de la Universidad de Antioquia.

Cuales son las sublimes aspiraciones del ELN?

El ELN aspira a llevar a cabo un cambio revolucionario que cambie la relación de poder entre los grupos sociales y las fuerzas armadas de Colombia, para lograr una nueva configuración de la sociedad en la que los trabajadores, campesinos y el pueblo en general formen parte del proceso de construcción de la paz. Por supuesto que tales aspiraciones causan terror para las oligarquías mundiales. Sin embargo, para este grupo de seres humanos, éstas son en realidad desesperaciones que expresan las necesidades básicas de un pueblo que ha sido marginalizado a cabo de las campañas institucionales que llevan a la sociedad Colombiana a desarrollar predisposiciones que inheremente hacen y rehacen las identidades sociales individuales.

Hay cinco temas claves:

🔥 el alcance y características del proceso de negociación: La institución Colombiana dice estar buscando paz mientras que los líderes usan la linguística para crear atitudes o/y predisposiciones a nivel general, lo cual automaticamente marginaliza a esta población, así cómo a los menores de edad que crecen adoptando una identidad criminal que es otorgada DE FACTO.

🔥 el alcance del proceso de paz: Este proceso ha sido frustrado muchas veces. Sería interesante ver a nuestros líderes políticos tomando responsabilidad para ejercer la desmilitarización de la linguistica hostíl y vacía que impide la digna equidad.

🔥 la terminación del conflicto y la construcción de la paz: Buscando nuevos enfoques de acción mediante los cuales se pueda alcanzar la empatía natural con los grupos radicalizados y estigmatizados como ‘terroristas’, cuando las circunstancias son evidencia de subyugación estatal.

🔥 la lucha contra la corrupción y la impunidad: Tan solo se puede soñar con barras de hierro cuando el gobierno te llama ‘criminal’ desde que naces y te roba los derechos humanos. Luego se manifestan las determinaciones y superimposiciones de caracter moral, causadas por la crisis global y la subyugación del estado Colombiano por países como los Estados Unidos e Inglaterra lo cual ha llevado al desplazamiento psicológico.

🔥 y la implementación del proceso de paz: El conflicto es actualmente suicida. Masoquista. Auto-fatality Colombiana. Mejor unirse, no? Tan solo pierde el país y ganan las oligarquías imperialistas cuando existe un coflicto interno.

Parapsychology ministry.

Más allá de la negociación con el Gobierno, el ELN ha logrado mantenerse en pie en un contexto de extremo debilitamiento de las guerrillas de las FARC. Desde que el proceso de paz en Colombia empezó, el Gobierno de Juan Manuel Santos llegó a su fin, la desmovilización inició, el ELN logró mantenerse en pie hasta extender su zona de control a varias regiones del país.

La Anhelada Convivencia Social

El Acuerdo de Convivencia propone un proceso de paz más amplio que el Acuerdo General y abarca una serie de temas que fueron excluidos del proceso de negociación, como la justicia transicional, la democracia participativa y la reforma rural integral. El Acuerdo también condena la violencia contra la mujer, la niñez y la juventud, la violencia contra los defensores de derechos humanos y el llamado a la insurrección popular. El objetivo es alcanzar una sociedad más justa, no solo con acuerdos entre el gobierno y las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), sino que también debe abordar la situación de los sectores populares. El proceso de paz debe estar dirigido a construir una paz perdurable en el país, que no sea solo una paz entre dos bandos armados, sino que también tenga en cuenta las demandas feministas, pues Colombia es muy FALOCENTRISTA incluso en su constitución la cual Gustavo Petro está amendando rápido antes de que yo me fume una idea peligrosa de reforma.

A.I. Videos

BETON: Elongated Equations?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This is a karaoke session of Saul Williams‘ song ‘RITUAL’.

Is Musk Working with Betshy?

There is no clear evidence that Elon Musk is working with Betshy, but it is possible that the two companies are collaborating in some capacity. It is also worth noting that Musk has invested in a number of artificial intelligence and robotics companies, so it is possible that he sees potential in Betshy’s technology. Even though they keep their friendship as low profile as possible for security reasons, the two do have a relationship. Betshy has expressed interest in working with Tesla in the past, and Tesla has been working on autonomous driving technology for some time. It is possible that the two companies are collaborating on a project, but it is also possible that they are simply friendly competitors.

Is Musk Attracted to Betshy?

If you are wondering whether Musk is attracted to Betshy in terms of her intelligence, her drive, or her success, then the answer is probably yes. There is no definitive answer to this question as it is difficult to know what Musk’s personal preferences are. However, it is possible that he finds her attractive given her physical appearance and accomplishments. Moreover, if you are wondering if Musk is attracted to Betshy in terms of her intellect or her ability to innovate and create new technologies, then it is likely that he is indeed attracted to her in this way. There is no way to know for sure, but it seems unlikely given that they have never met in person.

Each person has their own reasons for why they might give attention to someone else. Some possible reasons why Elon might give attention to Betshy could include that he finds her interesting, he enjoys her company, or he feels drawn to her in some way. There is no clear answer, but it is speculated that Elon is interested in Betshy because of her unique perspective and her ability to think outside of the box. Additionally, Betshy has a strong track record of success in her field, which likely attracts Elon.Furthermore, it is possible that Elon is simply drawn to Betshy’s strong independent personality and her dedication to her work. Additionally, Betshy’s intelligence and drive may make her an appealing person to Elon.

Is Betshy Attracted to Musk?

It is not clear what Betshy’s preferences are. However, it is safe to say that Betshy would likely be attracted to someone who is ambitious, intelligent, and successful, all qualities which Elon Musk possesses. She did call him ‘handsome’ through a GIF image on his Facebook post:

Are Betshy and Elon allies?

There is no evidence that Betshy and Elon Musk are allies. Some people may say that Betshy and Elon Musk are allies because of their shared interest in technology and innovation. However, others may say that they are not allies because of their different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The two had not publicly stated their friendship with one another until recently. However, given that Musk is the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and Bets is a leader of a planetary society, it’s safe to say that the two are at the very least allies in the fight to advance space exploration. Given that they both have a strong interest in technology and innovation, it is likely that they are at least friendly with one another.

One possibility is that Elon is interested in Betshy because she is an attractive and successful woman. Another possibility is that Elon is interested in Betshy because she is a potential business partner. There is no clear answer, but it is speculated that Elon is interested in Betshy because of her intelligence and her potential to make significant contributions to his companies. Additionally, Betshy is attractive and Elon may be attracted to her physically.