International Absolute Gravity Locations

1    Bad Homburg         Germany
2    Bermuda             Great Britain
3    Brasilia (2)        Brazil
4    Churchill           Canada
5    Curitiba            Brazil
6    Edinburgh           Great Britain
7    Esashi              Japan
8    Fortaleza           Brazil
9    Furuogrund          Sweden
10   Honefoss (2)        Norway
11   Hsinchu             Taiwan
12   Katmandu            Nepal
13   Lungtan             Taiwan
14   Metsahovi           Finland
15   Onsala (2)          Sweden
16   Ottawa (2)          Canada
17   Penticton           Canada
18   Sevres              France
19   Stavenger (2)       Norway
20   Taroko              Taiwan
21   Ta Shi              Taiwan
22   Terezina            Brazil
23   Tromso              Norway
24   Trysil (2)          Norway
25   Tsukuba (2)         Japan
26   Wettzel (2)         Germany


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