International Absolute Gravity Locations 1 Bad Homburg Germany 2 Bermuda Great Britain 3 Brasilia (2) Brazil 4 Churchill Canada 5 Curitiba Brazil 6 Edinburgh Great Britain 7 Esashi Japan 8 Fortaleza Brazil 9 Furuogrund Sweden 10 Honefoss (2) Norway 11 Hsinchu Taiwan 12 Katmandu Nepal 13 Lungtan Taiwan 14 Metsahovi Finland 15 Onsala (2) SwedenContinue reading “Gravimetrics”

Spaceship Earth

1974 “Spaceship Earth,” as it has been aptly termed, consists of about 70% water at its surface. This all-important resource–water–moves eternally and dynamically through changes of state from gas to liquid to solid and back again, permeating to great depths and rising to stratospheric heights. Everywhere it goes, water sustains and nurtures life. Those ofContinue reading “Spaceship Earth”