10 AI-Generated Images Of Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made an intriguing impact on the world of art, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expression. AI algorithms have been used to create, modify, or enhance artistic works in various ways. One notable application of AI in art is the generation of original artworks. This post will introduce you to 10 AI images I generated about schizophrenia and psychosis. All copyright belongs to Betshy.

1. Futuristic Vision

schizophrenia realistic photo of, award winning photograph, 50mm, futuristic

This image illustrates the way in which those who suffer from psychosis and schizophrenia can experience futuristic thinking.

2. Fearfully Boundless


This image illustrates the fear and paranoia that some experience in schizophrenia and psychosis when they are presented with environmental stimuli that for them feel very meaningful and frightening.

3. Notebook Mind

This image illustrates the way in which a psychotic mind notes and stores detailed data full of subjective meaning, and how these stored datapoints become biological reactions.

4. Trippy Reflection


This image illustrates the psychoanalytical processes of projection and reflection that take place in psychotic episodes. Often, these processes also involve the environment, and are completely subjective even though for the individual these might feel social.

5. Root Brain

This image is interesting because there are several hands surrounding the head, and roots seem to come out accompanied by an aura. Hence why I titled it ‘Root Brain’, an analogy for computer root systems.

6. Timeless Bodies

AI death squads

This image illustrates the way that time perception is distorted in psychosis, and also the feeling of omnipresence that comes with some episodes.

7. Visual Brain

This image’s title is self-explanatory. It illustrates how the brain processed meaningful visual data in schizophrenia and psychosis, whilst it stored these visual signatures in memory.

8. Glitchy Environment


This image illustrates the way in which the environment around a psychotic individual becomes very alive and meaningful, leading the person to interact with it in unique ways.

9. Mind Machina

psychosis realistic photo of, award winning photograph, 50mm, futuristic

This image illustrates how the mind becomes a production machine of new ideas in psychosis. The way the mind processes information during episodes is unique and relentless.

10. Distance Observations


This final image illustrates how social perception is distorted during psychotic episodes, making the person suffering from psychosis perceive a lot of meaning and feel a lot of emotion with trivial behaviours displayed by others.

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