13 Hip Hop / Drill Rap Artists Around the World by Country

I like to play shoot em’ up video-games, and sometimes listening to some drills goes a long way when doing so. I compiled this list of my favourite hip hop artists around the world, sorted by country, and in different languages. I hope you enjoy it!

1. ITALY: Rondò Souza

Rondo is a fabulous artist who sings drill hip hop in Italian. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, his performance and music video are enough to get you feeling the vibe. I particularly love this artwork, as it shows a lot of things and people in blue. The energy that Rondo gives here is great, and it makes it truly enjoyable.


This is my favourite drill by Y7Y, I believe the video is super cool with the animals and he also has a very exciting body language. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, such a rhythm is enough to get you dancing.


I love the work of TSB & OPT. They often also include English subtitles in their work so you can understand what they are rapping about. The rhythm is super cool and incites to dancing, and they make very interesting videos.


ПРОРОКЪ made this really cool drill, which is ideal for playing shoot em’ up video-games. I like the music video and truly enjoy the to see the gun props they came up with in this work. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can feel the power of the song!

5. ROMANIA: Beni VM x Blessed013

This song is really interesting because it is half Romanian and half from Puerto Rico. As a result, it is half in Romanian and half in Spanish. The music video is fascinating, and it has interesting lyrics; but even if you cannot understand the lyrics, the rhythm and visuals make you feel something unique!

6. ISRAEL: Sima Noon

Sima Noon is an awesome artist and has many cool videos. Unfortunately, she does not have a video for this great drill. When I translated the lyrics I noticed they are very profound, and it sounds great. So even if you do not understand what she is singing about in Hebrew, this song truly does her voice and talent justice!

7. UK: SR

I think this song is a really interesting work of art showcasing the drill culture of the UK. The music video gives you a feeling of ‘gangsters are here’ which I believe is cool. This is a much neglected and struggling culture in England, so checking them out is great!

8. INDIA: Blood Bangers

Blood Bangers truly gave a phenomenal performance in this music video. Not only is the title a bit controversial, but the visuals are too; and it has great lyrics (partially in English). I think this is their best work of art so far!

9. VENEZUELA: Nina Fre$h

I simply love every single work Nina Fre$h has created. This versatile Latino-american artist truly knows how to drill, and the music video for this song is sensational. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, the visuals and rhythm leave you feeling awed.

10. IRAQ: I-NZ

I-NZ has not created that many videos, but this artwork is fabulous. Not only are the lyrics truly political, but the visuals are breath-taking. The beats are also cool, and he gives a fantastic performance.


Cannon Z made such a cool rhythm for this drill. Also, the combination of black and red, with white looks super cool. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, the vibe you get is super cool and energetic.

12. USA: Lady XO

Lady XO truly represents the feminine side of drill culture from the United States. I love how she shows an empowered image of the woman. Moreover, her lyrics are great and the video is truly interesting!

13. EUROPE: Central Cee et al.

This is a sensational video as it includes several different cultures/countries in the song; hence why they titled it ‘Eurovision’. It includes Italian, Arab, English, Spanish, and French bits. Such a multicultural artwork is unique!

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