Reviewed: 10 Free Online Courses with Certificates

All of the courses mentioned below are courses I have personally enrolled on, and which I feel are worth trying. This list is made of many categories. From mental health, to digital skills, arts and humanities, and law. I hope you enjoy learning from these courses as much as I have. All of these courses are FREE and come with a certificate of completion. 

Understanding Dementia MOOC

This course is provided for FREE by the University of Tasmania in Australia. This is probably one of the best free courses I’ve taken online. The content is rich and the topics are well-explained in detail. Needless to say, the course explains what dementia is and takes the learner on a journey to understanding the brain mechanisms underlying it, as well as its process of diagnosis among other topics. Truly recommended for anyone at any level of education, and especially for those who wish to have up to date knowledge of dementia. The course offers a certificate of completion, has already opened, and you can register here: 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

This FREE course is provided by Google, and it is designed to be interactive. It helps individuals and businesses learn the basics of how to succeed online. The content is truly light and the platform is easy to navigate. The course provides you with a certificate once you finish the programme. You can register for the course here: 


This course is provided for FREE by the Council of Europe. It is one of the best courses I’ve taken online, and provides written assessments which help to consolidate the learning materials. It explores in detail the concept of discrimination under the legal framework of European and international law. It details the at-risk groups experiencing discrimination the most, and explores the legislation protecting these individuals from discrimination. The course provides a certificate of completion once you finish the modules. You can register for the course here: 


This FREE online course is provided by Joined Up Care Derbyshire NHS, and it is simple in introducing the learner to the disease. It is a satisfactory to do the course because it succinctly provides a wide scope for understanding Delirium. Once you finish the course, you get a certificate of completion.  You can access the course here: 

Journalism: News Initiative

This FREE course offered by Google trains the learner in using Google Tools for investigative journalism, and it walks the learner through the fundamentals of journalism. There are not many journalism courses out there, and so I truly recommend it. The course offers a certificate once the programme has been achieved. You can get started here: 

Female Genital Mutilation 

This FREE course is provided the UK Home Office and it teaches the learner in detail about Female Genital Mutilation. It is one of the most challenging courses I’ve taken due to the sensitive topic, but truly worth the knowledge. The course provides a certificate of completion at the end. You can register for the course at 

The Path of Moral Leadership

This FREE course provided by Acumen Academy is all about team-work! From day one you have to form a team and learn to coordinate meetings, events, and other important remote working skills. It also teaches you business and leadership skills.  The course is about personal and professional development, and so far I have found it amazing. The course offers a certificate once all assignments are passed. You can enrol here: 

Huntington’s Disease 

This FREE course is provided by the Huntington Study Group from the United States and it gives up to date information about Huntington’s disease. It is designed for both beginners and medical professionals, and it shows the day to day difficulties that people suffering from the disease go through.  I have enjoyed learning, and they give you a certificate per every module you complete within a single course. You can register here: 

PREVENT Awareness Training

This FREE course is provided by HM Government in the UK and the Home Office. It is designed in really interactive and creative ways and makes learning quite easy. It delves into the concept of radicalisation and helps the learner identify at-risk individuals. The course provides a certificate of completion at the end: 

Effective Psychological Treatment For Borderline Personality Disorder

This course is provided by the Australian BPD Foundation in Partnership with Project Air and Australian government. It is a good course to take if you would like to understand BPD better. They provide a certificate of completion at the end of the course. You can access the course here: 

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