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Betshy X0 is an open-source software activist. She uses #Linux; and therefore has experience with bash. She prefers command-based interfaces, although she is also happy to use graphical interfaces.  Moreover, she believes in network-security and encryption.

This is a list of software she has years of experience using:



i3 wm – This is an advanced command-based window manager. It improves RAM, is made out of extremely clean code and avoids unnecessary distractions; increasing performance and productivity. Betshy has experience configuring, and customising this interface.

Terminator – a Linux terminal. Known for its cool capacity to split into multiple console screens, making it easy to conduct several command-based operations simultaneously. Betshy manages her web databases through SSH.

Vim – An advanced, command-based, text/code editor.



Apache – This HTTP server makes it easy for anyone to control their localhost. and securely conduct script tests.

i2p  Anonymous Network – Known as the invisible network.  It is a lot more secure than Tor and has a community of advanced developers, activists and intellectuals.

Tor Project – Also known as the “deep web” or “dark net”. It has everything that the clear net censors. Moreover, it provides a Internet browser built from Firefox with enhanced security.

Nmap – A network mapper, and scanner. It is also a powerful security-testing  tool.



Kdenlive – A great, KDE professional video-editing software.

Gimp – Known as the #Linux version of Photoshop. For many professionals though, it is a much better option. All of her digital design artwork is done through this client.

Rakarrak – A multi effect, guitar synthesiser.

Audacity – A professional audio-editing software.

Inkscape – A professional vector graphics editor.



WordPress – The best open-source blogging platform available.

HexChat – An IRC chat client.

Thunderbird – A desktop e-mail client. POP3/IMAP, and SMTP set up.

Mutt – A command-based e-mail client.



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