Commercial Psychology

Context: A psychological experiment conducted by the army through Eastman Kodak Company advertisements as explained by Robert Yerkes in 1912.  Reference: Yerkes, R. M. et al. (1912) ‘The class experiment in psychology with advertisements as materials’, Journal of Educational Psychology. Warwick & York, 3(1), pp. 1–17. doi: 10.1037/h0072656. Download: The Class Experiment in Psychology- RobertContinue reading “Commercial Psychology”

Anthropometric Laboratory

About Galton’s first Anthropometric Laboratory situated in a corner of the International Health Exhibition in Kensington, London. 1884–1885 × Dismiss alert Fact History Book More Fact In 1888, a reporter from the Pall Mall Gazette paid a visit to Galton’s Anthropometric Laboratory in London, where instruments developed by Galton measured the physical and mental characteristicsContinue reading “Anthropometric Laboratory”

Open Government

2007 “It’s like ‘CSI,’ only it’s in records,” says Neil Carmichael, the supervisory archivist. “You never know what you’re going to get.” The work, says Jeanne Schauble, is “esoteric,” all about arcane rules and layers of document review. She holds the rather Orwellian title of director of the Initial Processing and Declassification Division at theContinue reading “Open Government”

Factual Broadcasting: Meteorology

Article References Article Hippocrates believed that in order to study medicine properly, it was essential to also study the seasons. In society, people consume and debate weather forecasts on a daily basis to plan their schedules and to review plans. Nevertheless, little is ever mentioned about the ways in which such forecasts represent the biggerContinue reading “Factual Broadcasting: Meteorology”

Spaceship Earth

1974 “Spaceship Earth,” as it has been aptly termed, consists of about 70% water at its surface. This all-important resource–water–moves eternally and dynamically through changes of state from gas to liquid to solid and back again, permeating to great depths and rising to stratospheric heights. Everywhere it goes, water sustains and nurtures life. Those ofContinue reading “Spaceship Earth”