Against Antisemitism

Yemenite Jews en route from Aden to Israel, during the Operation Magic Carpet (1949–1950).


NEWS REPORTS: “Last year, there were 1,652 antisemitic incidents in the UK, a 16% increase on the year before, including verbal abuse on the streets. If you fail to extend solidarity to a victim of antisemitism because you do not agree with their politics, then you do not truly oppose antisemitism at all”.

FACTS AND FIGURES: “The most common type of incident involved verbal antisemitic abuse directed at Jewish people, with 724 incidents. There was a fall of 17% in the number of violent antisemitic assaults, from 149 in 2017 to 123 last year, including one classified by the CST as “extreme violence”. There were 78 incidents of damage or desecration to Jewish property.”

TESTIMONY: “That isn’t to say someone who is the victim of abuse should not be criticised. I confess, dear reader, that I have one or two critics out there: I would never argue that I should be immune from scrutiny because I receive homophobia and death threats every day, or because I have been repeatedly chased by far-right activists “

(The Guardian, 2019)


The Guardian: Whatever Luciana Berger’s Politics, Labour Members Must Stand with her Against Antisemitism

The Guardian: Antisemitic Incidents in UK at Record High for Third Year in a Row

Wikipedia: Antisemitism

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