Achieving outcomes through reflective decision-making

I always think: ‘I will find the answers to the puzzle of my mind and life’, and instantly make mental reference to whatever is plaguing my mind or whatever it is that I am trying to achieve. After all, working out outcomes takes some logical calculations and a few decisions. The latter, however, is alwaysContinue reading “Achieving outcomes through reflective decision-making”

Book Review: Ted Bundy: Conversations With a Killer

Because simply watching the docuseries on Netflix is not enough, I decided to read the book by Michaud and Aynesworth (2019) which contains the transcripts from conversations with Theodore Robert Bundy, also known as the All-American Boy (Loftus and Ketcham, 1991). This book provides real insight into Bundy’s psychological discourse, and it can be observedContinue reading “Book Review: Ted Bundy: Conversations With a Killer”