The Psychology of Nature: Climate Change and the Anthropocene

Climate change is happening, and the natural world is struggling. The scientific world and the media industry are signifying “doomsday”, and the evidence is accumulating. Human beings have been aware of this for a while, and in 1988 the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was created in order to tackle such problems (UN, 2017).Continue reading “The Psychology of Nature: Climate Change and the Anthropocene”

Factual Broadcasting: Meteorology

Article References Article Hippocrates believed that in order to study medicine properly, it was essential to also study the seasons. In society, people consume and debate weather forecasts on a daily basis to plan their schedules and to review plans. Nevertheless, little is ever mentioned about the ways in which such forecasts represent the biggerContinue reading “Factual Broadcasting: Meteorology”

The Past

2018 “The reconstruction of past climate provides an opportunity to learn how the Earth system responded to high concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). To obtain information about the state of the atmosphere before instrumental records began, combinations of proxies are used in which physical characteristics of past environmental conditions are preserved. Tiny bubbles ofContinue reading “The Past”