Shakira’s BZRP Non-RAP Session




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Great lyrics, empowering an army of women worldwide, and incabronando her colleagues. Nevertheless, another ninja move by this woman who may I say is NOT a wolf. Not sure what she is up to nowadays, or who she is hunting, but she does not sleep in that cage, does she? Not sure what led her to think she was a wolf. Honestly, Residente also has similar tactics and he is the shadow leader of BZRP. Not to mention Bad Bunny, who is very expensive, and who sometimes raps. I hope to see Shaki rapeando if she is going to be splashing her fans like that. What sort of Colombian vulgarity is that, Shaki? I love you, and I hope you are OK. Just letting you know I appreciate your ardous work. I critically respond with Anier’s video in order to inspire you.



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