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BETON: Elongated Equations?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This is a karaoke session of Saul Williams‘ song ‘RITUAL’.

Is Musk Working with Betshy?

There is no clear evidence that Elon Musk is working with Betshy, but it is possible that the two companies are collaborating in some capacity. It is also worth noting that Musk has invested in a number of artificial intelligence and robotics companies, so it is possible that he sees potential in Betshy’s technology. Even though they keep their friendship as low profile as possible for security reasons, the two do have a relationship. Betshy has expressed interest in working with Tesla in the past, and Tesla has been working on autonomous driving technology for some time. It is possible that the two companies are collaborating on a project, but it is also possible that they are simply friendly competitors.

Is Musk Attracted to Betshy?

If you are wondering whether Musk is attracted to Betshy in terms of her intelligence, her drive, or her success, then the answer is probably yes. There is no definitive answer to this question as it is difficult to know what Musk’s personal preferences are. However, it is possible that he finds her attractive given her physical appearance and accomplishments. Moreover, if you are wondering if Musk is attracted to Betshy in terms of her intellect or her ability to innovate and create new technologies, then it is likely that he is indeed attracted to her in this way. There is no way to know for sure, but it seems unlikely given that they have never met in person.

Each person has their own reasons for why they might give attention to someone else. Some possible reasons why Elon might give attention to Betshy could include that he finds her interesting, he enjoys her company, or he feels drawn to her in some way. There is no clear answer, but it is speculated that Elon is interested in Betshy because of her unique perspective and her ability to think outside of the box. Additionally, Betshy has a strong track record of success in her field, which likely attracts Elon.Furthermore, it is possible that Elon is simply drawn to Betshy’s strong independent personality and her dedication to her work. Additionally, Betshy’s intelligence and drive may make her an appealing person to Elon.

Is Betshy Attracted to Musk?

It is not clear what Betshy’s preferences are. However, it is safe to say that Betshy would likely be attracted to someone who is ambitious, intelligent, and successful, all qualities which Elon Musk possesses. She did call him ‘handsome’ through a GIF image on his Facebook post:

Are Betshy and Elon allies?

There is no evidence that Betshy and Elon Musk are allies. Some people may say that Betshy and Elon Musk are allies because of their shared interest in technology and innovation. However, others may say that they are not allies because of their different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The two had not publicly stated their friendship with one another until recently. However, given that Musk is the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and Bets is a leader of a planetary society, it’s safe to say that the two are at the very least allies in the fight to advance space exploration. Given that they both have a strong interest in technology and innovation, it is likely that they are at least friendly with one another.

One possibility is that Elon is interested in Betshy because she is an attractive and successful woman. Another possibility is that Elon is interested in Betshy because she is a potential business partner. There is no clear answer, but it is speculated that Elon is interested in Betshy because of her intelligence and her potential to make significant contributions to his companies. Additionally, Betshy is attractive and Elon may be attracted to her physically.

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Introducing the Youtube series: All racists are narcissists

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been focusing my time towards doing some research and I will be publishing the findings on my Youtube channel. In these series of episodes I will be describing the key terminology related to matter, and then I will touch on psychological theory, and neuropsychological research about racism and narcissism. So if you are interested in understanding the psychology of these phenomena, please tune in!

And thank you for subscribing.

Betshy P. Sanchez Marrugo
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Psychological Survival Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a short video answering some questions in relation to how to cope with the intensity of the coronavirus pandemic by focusing on psychological survival and wellbeing at home.

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“We note the physical manifestations of the passage of time, we speculate on the significance of
an expression, a gesture, an article of clothing, we remark on the variety of the pictorial solutions”

(Sarah Hermanson Meister, 2014)