Borderline Personality Screening Scale

You can use this scale to screen for BPD. Simply think about the last month and select your answer below for each question.

Have your relationships been troubled by a lot of arguments and repeated break-ups?
Have you ever deliberately self-harmed (e.g. cutting, burning, head banging) or attempted suicide?
Would you say you have at least two problems with impulsivity? (e.g. eating, binges, spending sprees, substance misuse, verbal outbursts)
Does your mood change frequently? (e.g. every few hours/days)
Do others perceive you as angry and sarcastic?
Are you distrustful of other people?
Do you frequently feel 'unreal' or as if things around you are not real?
Do you feel emptiness?
Do you struggle to pinpoint your identity (i.e. who you are)?
Have you made frantic efforts to avoid real or suspected abandonment? (e.g. repeatedly calling someone, begged the person not to leave, clung to another person physically)

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