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Do Mental Health Diagnoses Perpetuate Pathology?

The world is full of mental health diagnoses, and each day these are becoming more common as more people get diagnosed with a condition affecting their daily life. Nevertheless, little attention is given to how the system of psychiatric nomenclatures goes on to perpetuate the very pathologies they claim to treat. 


A person might think they are normal, until they are told they are not. That is, until a diagnosis is given which reinforces the very patterns of behaviours which the clinician is attempting to treat or make absent. As a matter of fact, it isn’t until people are given diagnoses that they begin to identify with specific sets of behaviour. In a way, the clinician prescribes such sets of behaviours when they— often forcibly— attribute a label to a human being who might just be having a hard time. 

People have rough times, and sometimes during such rough times, people might act in ways which are out of character; that is, unusual patterns of behaviour which express distress. Nonetheless, the average diagnosis will limit a person’s personality to a criteria which can indeed narrow a person’s imagination and hamper their very dreams. 

Is the system creating individuals who are different by labelling them when they are teenagers? Psychology shows us that teenagers are still in major developmental stages where personality and character, among many other traits, become more defined. A label can really throw a teenager off that trajectory and influence their identity to a point in which the human being might feel that all they are is what the label prescribes. 

For instance, the diagnoses of personality disorder have somehow made it through so scientific rigour; yet, even the concept of it begins to disintegrate in psychiatric nomenclatures such as the ICD-11. Clinicians can at times forget that behind every label given, there is a human being with a complex life of his or her own. They, thus, enslave an individual to a pattern regardless of the consequences this may have on their general wellbeing. 

As someone who has been labelled, I can tell that being ‘marked’ as disordered since I was a teenager affected my identity. It simply affected me more than I could express. It attempted to wash away the uniqueness of my personality, and it tried to box me into a criteria that I did not even fully meet. Now that I am in my thirties, I have come to analyse how the iatrogenic effects affected my development, and I can honestly say that sometimes I think I would have been better off away from the system and not being diagnosed in the first place. 

I was only 17 years old when I was labelled. At such an age, I was still forming ‘me’, and being given such a set of criteria only added elements which perhaps might never have appeared if it was not for the neoliberal touch of intervention. But I am not the only one, and apart from everything mentioned already, stigma is also a definite cause for distress in labelled individuals. What for the clinician might be a random job at the office, can become a devastating, life-changing event for the human being being subjugated to an external opinion about their internal functioning. In a way, the clinician creates the pathology by giving a label.

Science Technology

La Singularidad Electromagnética

La singularidad es un tema que ha surgido en el mundo virtual para explicar el fenómeno mediante el cual las máquinas acquieren la habilidad de ejecutar funciones que superan las funciones ejecutadas por el cerebro humano.

Deus ex machina

La singularidad es un concepto popularizado en la ciencia ficción y la tecnología. Se refiere a un hipotético punto en el futuro en el que la inteligencia artificial superará a la inteligencia humana y se producirá un cambio exponencial en la sociedad y la tecnología. Es un concepto surgido de la intersección de la física cuántica, la tecnología de la información, la neurociencia y la ingeniería. Se entiende como un punto en el tiempo donde las mentes humanas respiran en la misma dimensión con la máquina, coludidas en una singularidad compleja e indignidad.

Según algunas teorías, este evento podría tener lugar en algún momento de las próximas décadas, mientras que otros argumentan que nunca sucederá. Además, existen aquellos que afirman que estamos ya en ese momento de la historia, y que la singularidad ya ha ocurrido. Independientemente de cómo se desarrolle la tecnología en el futuro, la singularidad sigue siendo un tema de gran interés para los futuristas y la comunidad científica.

La singularidad electromagnética trata sobre la singularidad como un evento donde se inicia la producción masiva de comandos computacionales los cuales también pueden ser registrados por el cerebro humano para conducir funciones cognitivas. Esta hipótesis se ha convertido en un tema cada vez más difundido entre científicos, líderes empresariales y tecnólogos, generando el interés de la comunidad científica para el estudio de esta “singularidad”.

Nuestro mayor riesgo es olvidarnos de registrar una idea que emerge en un proceso subliminal que muchos clasificarían como parapsicología. Sin embargo, esto no es metafísica, es un proceso casi tangible que ha revolucionado las industrias digitales y que puede convertirse en una gran fuente de ayuda, o una gran fuente de riesgo.


Islam vs. Christianity: Religion and/or Legal Framework?

As I said a while back, I have been studying a bit about ISLAM, its system, history, and its holy book, the QUR’AN. One of the most interesting aspects of the Islamic doctrine is that apart from being a very much followed religion, it also is a legal framework. A bit like the Torah used to be in ancient times.

two angels

Many people around the world follow the behavioural codes taught in the QUR’AN. And it is a fascinating book, which claims that many of the miracles Moses is credited with, were helped by ISMAELITES instead (QUR’AN 2:53-57). They also take credit for the plagues sent at the time, and the miraculous punishments that ensued in Egypt, for example. I think it is quite daring to take both credit and responsibility for such unfolding of events.

Of course, many people do follow the Bible too, although not so much as a legal framework. It is more like a moral code that is shared between communities; whereas in Islamic societies the law itself is deeply ingrained in its religion.

And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good.

Romans 7:16

The above Bible verse is somewhat controversial, in my opinion. It seems that according to the apostle Paul (who wrote the book of Romans) a good legislature makes you do things you do not wish to do. It is no wonder that Christian people rarely rigorously follow such a law. The truth is that people prefer to engage in activities they enjoy doing, and such is (in my opinion) healthier.

If anyone considers themselves religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless.

James 1:26

The above Bible verse tells us that words do matter; however, this is not directly applicable to the law in practice. This is a great difference between the Christian and Islamic religions. As a matter of fact, the Bible even speaks of sin as an absence of law.

What shall we say, then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! Indeed, I would not have known what sin was except through the law

Romans 7:7

A similarity is that both textbooks highlight the importance of the Sabbath, although this does not get applied into law in practice. Below is a verse from the Qur’an which similarly highlights the importance of such a day.

You know about those of you who broke the Sabbath, and so We said to them, ‘Be like apes! Be outcasts!’ We made this an example to those people who were there at the time and to those who came after them, and a lesson to all who are mindful of God

QUR’AN 2: 65-66
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Corruption & Nazism at the Open University in the UK

From 2019-2022 I studied forensic psychology with the Open University, and during my time there I experienced a series of attacks and attitudinal obstacles which added great tribulation to my already vulnerable life.

Nazi IBM

As someone diagnosed with mental health problems, I knew that studying an academic degree was not going to be easy; however, I never expected to experience the levels of fascism and even nazism emerging from the staff. Nazism? you may be asking, but that is exactly what they promoted through their curriculum.

As someone who comes from a lineage of holocaust survivors, I felt in incredible pain when the university told me I had no choice but to get on with using (like everyone else) the IBM SPSS software. I explained to them that the company IBM was directly involved in the orchestration of the Jewish, European holocaust. Instead of responding empathically, a tutor critically said that my behaviour was ’emotional’ as if such was a negative human trait. It was and continues to be my impression that being callous and unemotional was the true social problem, not my behaviour.

I asked them to please allow me to use Jamovi, a Linux-based alternative software which did all the work the IBM SPSS software did. They were extremely and oddly fixated on the brand IBM, more so than about the social repercussions the situation had on me. They decided to become authoritarian and banned me from the student forums; and eventually they refused to educate me or to allow me to finish my degree with them.

Needless to say, I was shattered, and to this day I am still recovering from the Nazi traumas they imprinted on my soul forever. All I wanted was to become a forensic psychologist. Nevertheless, they were nazi, cruel, and callous in every single one of their decision-making processes; ultimately leaving a Jew in limbo and consciously breaching a vulnerable individual’s human right to education in the process without any empathy or remorse. Perhaps that’s how they teach their students about psychopathy; that is, by becoming themselves the destructive force which ruins lives.


Recommended News Sources Around the World

Sometimes finding sources can be burdensome, and having a diversity of sources is always helpful. Hence why I have made this list of resources which can be used according to one’s geopolitical needs when it comes to finding reliable information. This is a compilation of the recommended news channels around the world, and is all categorised by country in alphabetical order. While not all countries are listed, the list might expand as time goes.

Digital man
(in alphabetical order) COUNTRYNEWS OUTLETS
JAPANYomiuri Shimbun / The Asahi Shimbun / The Nihon Keizai Shimbun
POLANDGazeta Wyborcza / Rzeczpospolita / Dziennik Gazeta Prawna / Gazeta Polska Codziennie
PORTUGALCorreio da Manha / PÚBLICO / Diário de Notícias / Jornal de Notícias
PUERTO RICOEl Nuevo Dia / Primera Hora / El Vocero de Puerto Rico 
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Is the Talmud of Jmmanuel the True Gospel?

In 1963, two European scientists found a manuscript written in Aramaic supposedly written by Judas Iscariot, and telling the story of Jmmanuel– the son of Mary and Joseph– and of how he was conceived, some of the things he taught and it also spoke of the cosmos, God, and Creation.


Sounds familiar? That’s correct. It is a gospel similar to those found in the new testament of the Bible; the great difference is that unlike other books in the Bible, this manuscript was original and had not been adulterated, for example, by King Constantine the Great (a Roman emperor who burnt original texts and rewrote the book to his convenience around the years 306-337 A.D. when he was ruling). Another major difference is that many of the events that Constantine left narrated as magick or miracles; the talmud explains in terms of technology, such as space technology. Finally, it also reveals that Judas Iscariot was not in fact Jmmanuel’s (known more popularly as Jesus Christ) traitor. But instead, he was his closest ally, and the person who betrayed Jmmanuel was called Juda Ihariot instead.

Look at the birds in the sky: they devour the harmful insects, and they have plumage for clothing, yet they have no spirit capable of ongoing evolution.

They work to fulfil their duty, and they are fed and clothed by Creation.

Are you not much more than they?

You can think independently through your free consciousness; you can work independently and you can prepare food and drink and clothe your bodies independently

Chapter 6: 42-45.

Like any Gospel, the book also has prophecies specifically foreseeing the revelation of truth around the time of space travel (are we there yet?), and makes references to extraterrestrial spiritual beings, as well as to some technology which seemed to be ‘normal’ back then, such as the singing lights which guided Joseph and other characters in the book when travelling. These lights appeared in the sky and led their way towards the desired destination. A bit like satellital navigation technology but far larger and more advanced than we imagine.

Anyhow, after the two European researchers found the manuscript and started studying and interpreting its contents, there was an Israeli air-raid (due to conflicts of interest) in the Jerusalem camp where Isa Rashid- the translator- and his family were staying, causing them to flee to Lebanon. The Israeli authorities found out and also air-raided the Lebanese camp, causing them to flee to Baghdad. This way, the text was destroyed and the translation to German was only possible until chapter 36. By then, he had already managed to send a copy of such a translation to his colleague- Albert Meier- in Switzerland in 1970. Sadly, the man who translated the manuscript (Isa Rashid) was assassinated in Baghdad after sending some correspondence to Albert Meier.

Music Video

TRAKATAKTÁ (with lyrics)

Atentado final, tetas en el paraíso.
No me jodas o te pateo el coco en el piso.
Como el turismo, que viva el futbolismo de la…
Antigua Maya, decapitaos trofeos de Basket Bolivarianismo,
qué satanismo.

Y es que soy fenomenal, paranormal, sensacional.
En mi labial hay una pistola, soy la traqueta, soy la rola.
Si te pasas de la raya tengo escopeta y soy española,

Saco el revolver, ruleta Rusa, PRAKA!
Con el ritmo flow, yo te doy con glow…
Mando pa Iraq a Sancho Panza.
Te pongo a rezar slow… motion… potion…

Poisson distributional glitch, indemoniated bitch.
The resurrection of sliced and diced RFID chips.
Ah ah ah!

Con el ritmo azul en las venas,
desangrandome tu condena.
Autoinflicting your cuarentena,
que lo que entiendo yo, lo entienda tu abuela.

Y así montamos bien la maleta,
metemos la bomba en la maleta.
Mejor no me mires, que ando boleta.
Yo ahora bailo en cortes, no en discotecas.

Yo te retoco el coco ambiental,
toda la ciudad es paranatural y real.
Mi palabreo tan sensacional…
Palabreo. Palabreo.

Te lo digo en Árabe o en Hebreo.
Palabreo. Palabreo.
Cuidado no me dudes o sale mi Arameo.
Palabreo. Palabreo.

Mientras todos duermen la noche yo veo.
Un ateo. Un ateo.
Un ateo, navaja, piraña, reloj, fantasma.
Tranquilo nene, enamoré a tus panas.

Matar a Ceasar es más que morir por oro,
yo te adorom, a lo instrumental.
Que no exista la codicia nazista brutal!

Abalá estoy, despechá, desangrá de todo derecho;
escarlata pecho, yo te tiro un hecho…
Del ZEF pal techo, ah ZEF BOOM BAP, yo!

Palabrero. Ser Palestino y ser obrero.
Palenbreo. Ser Palenquero y ser Hebreo.
Pablo veo. Pal bombeo.
Te toqué y ahora os ceno, X0, ah yo.


Royal Feminism: A Fashion Story

Until very recently, we lived in a Queendom ruled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on 8th September, 2022. Her government has been inherited by her son, King Charles III. One of the aspects we shall miss the most is having a Royal female head of government; nevertheless, now we literally live in a Kingdom.

The Royal Family are very popular around the globe. Princess Anne of the United Kingdom stands out for her presence and fashion. She is a true icon when it comes to combining royal elegance and feminism through fashion. With her bold blazers and statement accessories, she has shown that being a feminist does not mean sacrificing style.

Princess Anne at the Coronation of King Charles III.

Princess Anne understands that fashion can be used as a tool to empower women. Her choice of clothing is often a reflection of her strong personality, and she is unapologetic about standing out in a sea of traditional attire. Her fashion choices include sleek suits, vibrant colors, and modern accessories. She has also been known to recycle outfits, showing that sustainable fashion can also be chic. Princess Anne is an advocate for sustainability and is often seen walking or cycling to events.

As we navigate through this new era of royal government, it is essential to look to figures like Princess Anne for inspiration. She has redefined what it means to be a royal feminist through fashion and continues to use her platform to champion women’s rights.

A SWFTA project.

Police Brutality in England

Writing about police brutality in Plymouth, England is contentious and it is a task that brings many risks; however, I conclude that no amount of risk is greater than when we all stay silent about the realities the system puts us through even when we are fully innocent.

In reality, I am scared of many things, and unfortunately, freedom of expression is dangerous in the UK where people are relentlessly censored and surveilled by the state; however, I feel that staying silent is the same as expressing; that is, you also get injustice and get picked by the system either way when you are an immigrant.

It breaks me, to know that I AM NOT SAFE in England. To know that the people whose job is to ‘protect’ me, are the same perpetrators of one of the biggest injustices I’ve been put through in my life. I feel at risk of being a victim of crime now, because I have grown to fear rather than to respect the local police forces. It is a shame for them to be like this.

So I decided to publish the evidence, and if they (the Devon & Cornwall Police) brutalise me again… Well, I guess it was predisposed to happen as usual. Yet, the truly scary realisation is to know that I was fully innocent as a person with mental disabilities that have resulted from oppression. Therefore, what they keep doing, and what took place should have NEVER happened in the first place.

This is the report I sent to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC):

I was placed in a sexually degrading position, and also a position which is called “the scorpion” due to how when the person is facing the ground and her legs are bent upwards and backwards crossed, it looks like an scorpion. This torture position has been used in foreign jurisdictions to deal with genocidal cases of serial killers. I believe both positions were unnecessary, and were quite more difficult to accomplish than any other way to use direct force against a female, Islamic/ Muslim, Colombian body. My fragile body diagnosed with lifelong weakening conditions was in no way a threat, and there is no justification in this universe to explain why such positions were used on me. Whilst the gestapo officers continued to be present inside the cell where they tortured me in front of CCTV cameras by placing me in such positions (I even asked an officer whether they had ever raped someone in the first position, and that is when he switched it to the scorpion position which is humiliating too, but perhaps less sexually threatening). I instantly became extremely scared and such brutality exacerbated my (now diagnosed) acute psychotic disorder and I attempted to immediately kill myself my smashing my forehead against the concrete cell’s floor. I don’t recall much from here due to trauma.

I have recollections of how two police officers where standing in the cell’s door and non-sarcastically saying out loud: “OH YEAH, I AM REALLY ENJOYING THIS”, to which the other police officer added “IT’S YOUR HEAD, WE DON’T CARE”. There was more callous and cruel commentary of this kind happening as I was running from one side of the wall to the other with speed and force to smash my head until blood started spurting and tainting the walls and floor in red in front of these two bystander officers who expressed schadenfreude and gratification to be present with me there, whilst I killed myself. I almost succeeded, but I think I must have lost consciousness because I don’t remember much after this horrible scene of police cruelty. By the time I arrived at the PICU (psychiatric intensive care unit), I looked like a Panda and everyone noticed the state the police put me in, and how close I was to succeeding in committing suicide as a result of the impact that the sexually and humiliating positions had on me at the time. I was sent to Chester Ward at the The Priory Hospital Middleton St. George, and they instantly took pictures of the police’s ‘artwork’ with my face and life, and filed a safeguarding referral due to how neglected, abused, and brutalised I was at the police station.

Music Video

I Don’t Relapse, I Just Relax (with lyrics)

The things you say, you make me laugh.
You cuddle me, and I relax.
We spend the day, we spend the night.
And time goes fast.

I don’t relapse, I just relax.
I hold your hand, you are by my side.
I tell you, hey would you like to dance?
And then you laugh.

I don’t relapse, I just relax.
I don’t relapse, I just relax.
I don’t relapse, I just relax.
Time’s on our side.

Journalism Theology

What Does the QUR’AN teach?

Last month, I had the opportunity to borrow a translation of the QUR’AN by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem and published by Oxford World Classics. Out of all the translations I’ve reviewed so far, this is my favourite. And I have just pingbacked them to inform them of my views. The pingback is no coincidence, my dear fervent, and devoted reader.

Introducing my new research interest in theology:

Some of the values promoted in the QUR’AN are somewhat alike to those taught in other holy books. Similarly to the TORAH and the GOSPEL, the QUR’AN (2:84-86) is against murder, and furthermore, it is against geopolitical displacement.

During the following months, we shall be exploring more of this holy book in this blog along with some of the history of ISLAM. For example, the verses portrayed in QUR’AN (2:8-20) are in my opinion, verses that bring hope to those currently struggling and/or suffering.

Some of the verses in the QUR’AN (2: 75-82) are very thought provoking. Furthermore, the QUR’AN (2: 78) states: “Some of them are uneducated […] They rely on guesswork”.

The above statements makes me want to be INCLUDED in the good heavens because, oh man, is Allah not furious enough to hit them up Netanyahu style? And here I am… Betshy… לא ישנה בלילה… dreaming of a better world Matisyahu style.

I believe that both the TORAH and QUR’AN are in my blood. I feel constantly divided as I am a woman who is legally Islamic. Yes, I legally converted to ISLAM on the 26th August, 2008 whilst I was visiting Suleymaniyah, Iraq. It is no delusion that I am a terrible Muslim who went astray and did not do her research, as some of my best friends in Pakistan have smart-ass-smartly remarked. Yes, I am an ISMAELITE.

It is also no delusion that I am Jewish, and Israel is in my genes, heritage and survival accounts of my European great-grand-parents which officially are welcomed in Israel as it is the custom since it became a state post World War II. So pardon my Hebrew, when I say that I have been dancing non-stop to my geo-political, current environment. Yes, I am an ISRAELITE.

Music Video

UK: MAD ASYLUM DRILL (with lyrics)

This song contains ‘JANNER’ (pronounced JANNA) accent, which is quite prominent in Plymouth, Devon.

The song also includes some Cockney, Spanish, and Hebrew.



I am crazy, silver-haze crazy like metal tin tin.
You caress this genius, you caress Rasputin.
Six six six, my heartbeat on repeat,
the mark of the beast.

You all know Bets,
always ready for the test;
and ready to be me, yo B,
comes back to the game again.

I’ve got a SHOTTA, a LOTTA,


Suena el BOOM BAP,
לא ישנה בלילה…YES,
I can dance, dance, dance!

I move my hips to the Gestapo’s beats,
the SS has their guns pointed out at me.
And I swing, sensuality and might
until I succeed, I put my hands up, FREEZE!

My song so strong as I rap along
the mad house, the asylum ward.

Intensive care, who cared?
Police brutality against the self, they came…
to understand their cruelty-BOMB,
I explode two in the bath whilst smoking a

I ain’t lying boy, I’ve seen it all, I’ve suffered most.
My tears are black-eyed diamond storms;
each collected in the bank of
Don’t ask me world cup questions,
ask Buenos Aires.

I feel intranquile,
like everything I do is always GRANDE, gigantic.
Take my words…
Is my talent Godly or is it just another pamphlet?

truth RAWA, it’s my POW POW POWER!
I holler, over and out…

Anger, intermittent hunger.
No longer aware, better prepare.


All done, all said, I stare, I declare, I dare.
I express what everyone is too afraid to tell.
I stress the distress…
OH! thrown upon this fortress.

I break the wall in two,
Who could have known?

The link between today’s gold,
and the forgotten old, cold testaments.
Puppet shows and sacraments.
Hidden keys and the written parliaments.

Ah, ah, a tongue is the trigger. It’s a METRALLETA.
I have ammunition guardá’ en la MALETA,
bullets, flash stun grenades and me ESCOPETA.
If it wasn’t enough, there is SENTRY CALETA, yo.

Yo, B.



Thanks very much to EHSAUCEITUP and Pexels for the magnificent art they contributed to this music video, which was created using Clipchamp and Filmorago. Moreover, credit also goes to Sony for their wonderful capture devices without which this #hiphop music video would not have been possible.

I also want to take the time to thank YouTube for letting me into the industry whilst I was in distress and needed someone to save me. Google, you have always been there for me in times of tribulation. Thank you for making life more accessible to everyone, including those of us who have suffered.

Finally, credit is also certainly due to Linux Mint for making operative systems that are so efficient that miracles happen in hosting machines all the time. Acer and Dpofirs are two of the brands where miracles are always happening.

as influenced by: