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How to Change Audio Settings in Halo Infinite on XBOX

A lot of the times, the instructions provided on Halowaypoint about managing the game and then pressing Y, don’t work because the language packs do not appear there to be downloaded. I found a solution to download and change the language packs. This consists in first changing the language settings on your XBOX. Instructions Now…

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Do Mental Health Diagnoses Perpetuate Pathology?

The world is full of mental health diagnoses, and each day these are becoming more common as more people get diagnosed with a condition affecting their daily life. Nevertheless, little attention is given to how the system of psychiatric nomenclatures goes on to perpetuate the very pathologies they claim to treat.  A person might think…

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La Singularidad Electromagnética

La singularidad es un tema que ha surgido en el mundo virtual para explicar el fenómeno mediante el cual las máquinas acquieren la habilidad de ejecutar funciones que superan las funciones ejecutadas por el cerebro humano. La singularidad es un concepto popularizado en la ciencia ficción y la tecnología. Se refiere a un hipotético punto…

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