Finally! A More Organised Mind and Environment

The past seven years were tough. My mental health saw the worst of its manifestations, my studies of forensic psychology came to an abrupt halt; and I had the worst, prolonged experience of my life. It was so brutal that it met the criteria for torture (as internationally defined), and since then, I have been coping with the psychological symptoms of PTSD in relation to the documented torture.

Thank you so much for reading this blog.

Betshy Paola Sanchez Marrugo

If it was not because of all the support you give to my freedom of expression, I would not be able to do this.

A lot has happened, and it would be an unwise idea to overwhelm you- my reader- with everything in one page. Hell, I think that not even one single book could adequately narrate everything I have experienced. It would for sure need a series of books to somewhat tell the details of what the system is capable of doing to an innocent human being.

Now, if you are here reading this, and have any doubts about my innocence; it’s okay, you don’t know me, and everything you know about me is what other sources have told you or what I have shown you. So before this re-introduction of my capacity to express my human rights becomes too long; let’s begin by focusing on the topic of mental health and the environment.

One pill after another seems to be the immediate objectives handed to me by the mental health professionals. I also choose to work on tidying up and clearing my environment so I can feel more inner peace. I don’t like relying on people, because too many people have let me down. Instead, I focus on being present with my self, my thoughts, and my maladies. I pay attention to my environmental variables, and acutely understand how different stressors have been fatal.

Fundamental attribution error

Nobody was there for me when I needed a friend the most. My environment, however, has saved my life on countless occasions as I continue to make it an artistic expression of my health. This means I have to take it slow, and concentrate on simple, small, petty tasks which are no effort for the great majority. I realise that when my environment is organised, so is my mind. Therefore, writing becomes blockless, effortless and such a successful activity reinforces the power of the environment in which something is written.

So really, thanks for being here, and thanks for coming back to check new content.

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