Leak: The Plymouth City Council Scandal

The Plymouth City Council scandal has been revealed.The council is being investigated by the district auditor over claims that it “falsified” documents to make it look like it had improved its performance.The council has denied any wrongdoing.The allegations were first reported by the Plymouth Herald.The BBC has seen documents which suggest the council doctored documents to make it look like it had improved its performance.The documents, seen by the BBC, show the council was given a “green” rating for its performance in 2012/13, but this was later changed to “amber”.The council has denied any wrongdoing.Plymouth City Council is in financial trouble, with a deficit of £1.5 million. This is due to a number of factors, including overspending on children’s services, adult social care and housing. The council is also facing cuts to its government grant.

Plymouth City Council


This financial crisis has been worsened by the discovery of a £250,000 black hole of unaccounted-for spending. It appears that money was allocated to projects approved by the council, but no records were kept of where the money was actually spent.

An investigation by the audit commissioner has revealed gross mismanagement and a lack of financial controls throughout the council.

The town hall has now been closed and all council staff have been suspended, pending an investigation.

This is a shocking scandal and raises questions about the financial management

Plymouth City Council is investigating a leak of confidential information about its children’s services.The authority has referred the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the police.The council said the information related to a small number of cases and had been passed to the media.It said there would be an internal investigation into the leak and “appropriate action” would be taken if any member of staff was found to be responsible.Council leader Ian Bowyer said: “This is a serious matter as the information that has been shared relates to some of our most vulnerable children.“An initial assessment indicates that the information relates to a small number of cases, which are already the subject of public scrutiny.“However, I have referred the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the police to assess whether any further action is required.“There will be an internal investigation into the leak and, if any member of staff is found to be responsible, there will be appropriate action taken.”

The reports, which were published in local newspapers and by the Plymouth Herald, revealed that the council had secretly awarded a discretionary fund of £106,000 to a charity that employed the mayor’s daughter.

The story raised questions about the decision-making process, with councillors facing criticism for their lack of transparency. It also brought into question the long-standing relationship between the mayor and the charity, in particular the grant from the discretionary fund.

The investigation is being overseen by a panel of independent consultants, while the Information Commissioner

Plymouth City Council confirmed that it had been the subject of a data leak after an employee emailed a large amount of personal data to their personal email account.The data included contact details, dates of birth and national insurance numbers of around 2,400 people.Plymouth City Council apologised for the leak and said it was taking steps to prevent a repeat of the incident. The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) was fined £100,000 after a data breach that exposed the personal details of up to 3,500 prisoners. The SPS breach occurred when an SPS employee emailed a “significant quantity” of personal data to their personal email account.The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that the SPS had failed to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data of prisoners and had failed to ensure that its employees were trained in data protection.

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