The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

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Introduction to Death Anxiety
What happens when we die? This video introduces the concept...
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The Psychology of Psychopathy: Insights into Aberrant Behaviour
The study of psychopathy has fascinated psychologists and criminologists alike,...
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Gas Shelling
Conclusions from 1915-1918. The Cabinet: National Archives
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Open Government
2007"It's like 'CSI,' only it's in records," says Neil Carmichael,...
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Corruption & Nazism at the Open University in...
From 2019-2022 I studied forensic psychology with the Open University,...
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Common Motivations and Drives for Committing Crimes: Unravelling...
Crime has plagued our societies for centuries, leaving us questioning...
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Forensic Psychology vs. Criminal Profiling: Demystifying the Differences
The world of criminal investigations has always fascinated people, with...
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Genetic Predispositions in Psychopathy: Unravelling the Complexities
Psychopathy is a term that often evokes images of ruthless...
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Forensic Psychoanalysis Techniques for Investigating Criminal Behavior
When it comes to investigating criminal behaviour, law enforcement agencies...
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Acquired Traumatic & Traumatised Narcissism
Adults who experienced domestic abuse when they were children have...
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The Contexts of Everyday Sadism
Sadism can be described as the psychological need to inflict...
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Spaceship Earth
1974 "Spaceship Earth," as it has been aptly termed, consists of...
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