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Good News: My Blog is Back


What a day. Today my blog was saved (thank you, Juan!) after it was hacked and taken down following two articles I wrote which now I am nervous to publish after that. I’m currently reading several books at once and sometimes feel so devastated to realise some barbarities about the world around me. But having my blog back is so comforting, and so I have another reason to continue surviving all these difficult situations, yay!

In the meantime, I started a channel on Medium where I might journal now and then. You can read my post Thriving Against Oppression Now there where I speak about what it has felt like lately for me to go through a lot of problems. I will be reviewing and republishing the commentary articles I had published prior to the hack attack within the next few days. I am currently so busy with my studies that I have to spend more time inputting than outputting information. But I will try to retake a more informal and more frequent blogging style, because I feel it is certainly therapeutic to blog.

Also, in response to some commentary as to whether I have conditioned myself into these situational factors, the answer is that there are some unconditional, natural elements when it comes to the good side (writing, blogging, studying); and some conditioned elements that have been institutionalised (e.g. verbiage and time-keeping). It is difficult with psychology, you know. Specially when there are incentives, rewards, and negative reinforcement schemes in many of the contexts of practice. But there are factors of situations which are outside my locus of control, yet I get through, thriving on the roller-coaster life.

So tired of being oppressed.

Thank you to anyone reading!

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